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I am Princess Kellie, and I bet that you would love to be a princess too, now wouldn't you? If you do not want to be a pretty princess, I wonder what you would love to be for me.

Well, let's see. I know we can get you as girlie as you want to be! I will absolutely be able to help because as a Princess, I am a total girlie girl! I love all things girlie and feminine, and I have such a panty fetish! Bet I have more than you!

So what would I love to do with you? I think first and foremost, you need to get into some panties! Oh and we can go right from there into lingerie and bras. Want to be fully transformed? Oh yes we will do that for sure.

Maybe you are more of a pretty sissy! I adore sissy girl time so much. You can curtsey and twirl and mince for me, and I will enjoy turning you into a true sissy slut. I think you will enjoy servicing men in your frilliest of outfits.

And if being a slut is not your cup of tea, then you can be my sissy maid. I will teach you how to clean my apartment in your highest of heels. You will look adorable teetering around with a hot pink feather duster in your hands.

No matter what kind of girlie man you are, I will help to bring it out in you! Remember we Princesses have to stick together!

Call me sweetie. Kellie is ready for you.