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I understand you feel girly and feminine every day, but you may be confused about how to be more lady-like. Let me give you a roadmap to become the ultimate fairy. All new sissies can benefit from the advice of a mistress girlfriend. I will be a wonderful source of knowledge on everything from makeup tips to flirting with a man. Make sure you write down all your questions for me. I know you have so many.

Perhaps you want to tell me your story about how you came to the conclusion that you were a sissy. I can imagine a few scenarios that gave you a clue. Did you swipe some of your girlfriend's panties to try on? Guilty...I'm sure. Let me guess. The panties felt so good that you began to raid her panty hamper to rub your clittie in them. Panties progressed to bras and stockings. The next move became a trip to a favorite women's clothing store.

It is the typical progression plenty of my sissies follow. Now you need a little direction. We can take baby steps or jump right in. Start by wearing your sexy undies and a ladies blouse to work. No one will notice, I'm sure, but you will feel different. Notice how you swing your hips just a little as you walk? Thongs take some getting use to. Do not stick out your chest too much or your colleagues will notice the lacey bra impressions on your blouse. Calm down sweetie!!! Mistress is here to hold your dainty hand and instruct you. Class is in session.