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I know all about your overwhelming desire to be sissified!

Does it seem like an eternity of internal struggle and seeing no way out? It's time you suppressed your male psyche, while allowing your true essence (you know - your feminine side!), to emerge. Understood? I want to inculcate feminine traits in you, and let your true nature emerge. You're just a girly girl! I can't wait to tell your friends. They won't believe me!

No need to feel anxiety and embarrassment. Now, put your right hand on your hip and hold your other hand high in the air with that sissy chirpy voice you love to use, snap your fingers, and always... be your femmy best!!

Let's explore your cross dressing experiment together. You are so going to enjoy your new sissified image. I think it's time you start taking sissy classes that will prepare you for your new future. With me, of course. I intend to make you the sweetest model of exaggerated femininity that anyone has ever seen!

It's obvious you want to start expressing your true self, but you can't just put on a bra and panties and expect to be a girl. No! You've got to work at being pretty and feminine. And the first step is to develop a beauty regimen, such as a sweet aromatic smelling bubble bath, shaving your legs and underarms to rid yourself of that unsightly male body hair. And this is just the beginning!

Oh yes, I have more in store for my sissy. By the time I'm done with you, you won't care what others think. You will be free and feminine! Besides, the closet is a very, very lonely place, don't you think? Welcome to a new world!