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You are going to have to stay after class. There is something we will need to discuss. You see, you have a failing grade and will not graduate from sissy school. If you want to turn it around you are going to need to see a tutor.

What? Did you think that talking in a high pitched lisp, pulling on some frilly pink panties, putting on some eye shadow and shoving those clumsy feet into a pair of heels would cut it? No wonder your GPA is so dismal. The truth is you look like a fay giraffe teetering around because it had one to many cosmos to find the Vegas stage show it belongs to.

Like I need some help if you want to become a good girlie little sissy. I have some time available after class to do just that. Under my tutelage you will learn how to properly dress, how to walk in heels, how to talk, and how to please a real man.

Does that make your little clitty stick twitch? Just thinking about passing for a real girl? Well it won't be easy. Screw up and that bottom of yours will be blushing as deep of a red as the rouge we put on your cheeks. If you can't keep your hands off that itty bitty little thingy - well we will just have to lock it up! Think you can handle it? If you are ready to turn your sissy school grades around - Pick up that phone!