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You love getting all dolled up, don't you darling?

You're probably not even sure when you first realized how much you loved the softer things in life, or how long it's been since that first caress of satin, velvet, lace or silk nearly brought you to your knees. Tell me long did you resist the lure of those tempting bits of silken seduction before you were sliding on your first pair of panties and pantyhose? Were they even yours? Or were you a wicked sissy and borrowing those panties from someone else?

You love beautiful things, and you love wearing them even more.

You adore being utterly feminine, and embrace your sissy makeover with enthusiasm enough to do any material Girl proud. You can't get enough of the luxury of lingerie, the sweet caress of stockings, the glorious possibilities of wigs and makeup, because you suspect something that I've known all along: while clothes don't make the man...

The right wardrobe and accessories can certainly make a Lady.

Whether you're a diva, see yourself as the girl next door, a frilly prissy sissy, a devoted sissy maid, my sexy sissy girlfriend, or perhaps a rather trashy, slutty sissy on the prowl for a cum one cum all buffet, we'll have plenty to talk about. We can chat about our latest shopping runs, our favorite designers, and even our matter how risque. After all, what's the fun of girltalk if we can't get the juicy details? Tell me everything, sweetheart--and I'll give you back a fantasy so hot it'll make you cream your silky little panties.