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Well there are so many degrees of being a sissy. You may be mild and meek, slipping on a pair of panties and sitting in the corner. Or you may like to get all dolled up and go out to a hot club. Well I love all sissies and enjoy our time together. I have learned so much from you, new makeup tips, hair styles and no one matches their clothes like a confident sissy. I love the fact that you know how to prepare the canvas for painting, shaving your body, rubbing in lotion to make your skin nice and smooth, arching your eyebrows and of course having a pedicure and painting your toe nails a pretty shade of pink. I love the way you transform your look and attitude and display such joy in what you are and who you are! That is so important, that you accept and love the fact that you are a hot, sexy sissy and that you are wanted and loved. Now let's go shopping for panties and matching bras and of course those silk stockings that feel so good wrapped around our legs. I love the stayups with the 5" lace tops they look so hot and of course the guys love all of that lace. So what kind of a sissy are you? Quite and subdued, only dressing up around the house with no one else around? Or do you like to get all femmed up and go out with friends to the club, dancing and romancing? That brings me to another question. When you are all dressed up so frilly and lacy, what is on your mind? Do you like and adore being intimate with a man? Or do you just like dressing up because it feels so good? Whatever your answer is I adore you. As I said, I love sissies for who you are and that is just how I feel. So I look forward to talking with you and maybe doing some online shopping with you, talking about things that turn you on and just getting to know you. Have a sexy, sissy day xox