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Can I tell you a secret? (Oh what am I saying! We're all girlfriends here, aren't we?) Remember that time I caught you going through my panty drawer? Well, I wasn't nearly as angry as I led you to believe.

I surely acted angry, didn't I? Your little bottom was as red as the cheeks on your face after I turned you over my knee and spanked your jiggling little ass good. Admit it; you only pretended to cry and have been looking for another spanking since the first one.

I've decided that from now on, you'll receive firm discipline. You need a strict teacher, and I will get you whipped into shape right quick. I don't want to hear how difficult it is to keep your body perfectly hairless, and I don't want any complaining about how wobbly those 4 inch heels feel as you walk.

There are sissies that would give anything to have a teacher like me, and you'll learn to love the lessons I have prepared. You'll even learn to love the discipline if you're a bad girl.

And if your clitty gets hard, be aware that there are consequences for that as well. Dirty girls become my extra-special pupils.

There are so many skills dirty girls must have--so, so many more than good little sweet sissies. You will learn to use your *ahem* talents to please me and my mistress girlfriends and our long thick strapons.

If you show signs of exceptional aptitude, I may allow you to enjoy advanced training on your knees and on all fours. I may allow you to graduate to a real-life warm, explosive cock--but that is only if you prove yourself to be a truly exemplary (and nasty) sissy.

Class is in session; don't be late. I know you don't want a spanking on your first day, do you?