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It's no secret that sexy stockings, full makeup, and flirty dresses have captivated men for ages. But, what about you? Where do you fall on the spectrum of excitement that ranges from full on arousal to, "I've gotta have that for myself!"? No matter where you land, Ms Alexis is here for you, to guide you, and to listen to all your femmy wants, hopes, and dreams.

Isn't that really the toughest part? The feelings of loneliness that often come with the joy of crossdressing in and of itself. All of the Mistresses have their roles here at Sissy School. Some are instructors, some serve on the Principal's staff while others are like counselors. Some of us wear many hats like myself and I'm hoping you will visit my 'office' frequently for the advice, chatter, or discipline we all need from time to time.

When you look at me, it is my hope that you will see the kind of woman that you can aspire to be. Yes, it's true I tend to exude a certain air of superiority, but that just comes with the territory of being an authority figure. Being truly feminine takes work, and I stand before you proudly because I have earned that right and I believe you can too.

So what kind of sissy are you?

Sissy training is vital if you want to reach your goals. That wardrobe isn't going to pick itself. Are you soft and sweet, or are you ready to show off your slutty side? Just know that in the end it doesn't matter. When you put yourself in my capable hands you will always walk away with a little more experience and a little less of that pesky manhood getting in the way of your dreams.