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Hello panty lover! No matter where you are on the sissy learning curve, consider me your kindergarten through grad school professor of feminization!


Dreaming of silky stockings? Sliding them on your legs, fastening them with a garter belt, listening to the sound of them rubbing together as you cross and uncross your legs? Do you have a secret stash of satin slips? Do you adore the feel of a satin chemise against your bare nipples? What about the silky slide of a satin garter against your skin? Does the sight of satin hot pants turn your legs to jelly and make your cock hard? Turns out you're not the only one. Did you know that loving satin can be a fetish in itself?


For those who are in search of girly talk, more time will be spent helping me get ready for hot dates in the boudoir, drinking champagne while I'm in the bath, as well as shopping with me for sexy lingerie and more. There will be plenty of talk about your outfits and wardrobe too! Girl talk with my Sissy Maids is one of my favorite pleasures and if you are into this kind of training, you won't be disappointed!


Many of my sissy callers love to serve me and cater to all of my whims and desires. They love nothing more than making drinks and yummy snacks and serving them to me and my lovely friends who happen to be very hot and beautiful. Perhaps you are a sissy maid in need of punishment. Make sure not to drop a tray of drinks in my presence or a swift kick to the behind is assured! Tread lightly in your stilettos; my girlfriends like nothing better than humiliating my sissy maids. Speaking of stilettos, do you love wearing them as much as you love deep throating my heels? For Sissy Sluts craving humiliation, I will dress you in a sheer pink apron. You better hope that you don't get a silly erection or everyone will see!


I understand that some sissies need more than girly talk and humiliation. My rich narcotic voice will have you on your hands and knees, and before you can protest, I will push your hungry face exactly in the place that makes your legs weak. I will bring you face-to-face with a rock hard cock--my strap on! Maybe I will force you to take it as far down your throat as you can without gagging. It's too late now! I'm very demanding and your destiny is in my control. Oh, your secret desire isn't fulfilled yet? Have you ever imagined what it's like to feel your legs pushed back and the pain of penetration change into pleasure? This is when I will tell you to let ropes of cum hit your face...If we go far enough, I will coerce you to lap up your cum. Maybe you're a natural born cocksucker, ready to jump right in and have me watch your encounter with the real thing.

I am here to help dress, dominate, hear your dark secrets and make your sissy self blush right through a complete feminization session with you!