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Well, what do we have here? Someone loves all things girly, don't they? Does the soft, silky feel of the material against your skin give you goose bumps? Of course it does! Why do you think girls love it so? Are you a slender, effeminate creature who longs to talk about makeovers, panties, skirts, blouses and let?s not forget shoes! A girl and her shoes have a special relationship. Nothing feels sexier than a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos or pretty Pradas. You and I could be girlfriends and have a sleepover and talk about boys over some Godiva and 80?s movies. I could put you to work as My sissy maid. You'll have to work hard to keep up because a Princess like Me shouldn't have to clean anyway?that's your job. We?re going to have so much fun trying new makeup styles and different outfits on you. I should take pictures and show My girlfriend?s just how very cute I've made you look! They definitely will have a gigglefest out of seeing you in your cute pink panties and matching bra. I like to dress sissies up like cheerleaders too and have them do special cheers for Me. Wouldn't you love to be My cheerleader? I am also very creative with sissy assignments tailored just for you! I?d love to have you going to Victoria?s Secret asking the clerk what size panties you would wear. Maybe I'll have you start by cleaning your house wearing high heels so you can get your girly walk down just right. You are definitely going to be a busy sissy under My wing. We?ll have SOOO much fun being best girlfriends?I can hardly wait!