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Hello my pretty little girl! I am Mistress Mandy and I am here to help teach you about ALL things girly and feminine. This is what you truly desire right to be my pretty little girl? Your body is just aching to be my sexy, slutty, pretty little girl. Yes, don't worry; I completely understand that you want to be very pretty for your Mistress, AND all the boys. So, have you told anyone else that you love pretty, sexy, girlie things or will this be our little secret?? Either way, I am SO excited to help you explore the true little girl that is inside of you just bursting at the seams to cum out!

I think that in order for me to properly train you as my sexy little girl I need to know how this all started for you. Perhaps long ago you were a very naughty little boy and went into Mommy's panty drawer? Or, maybe it was Mommy's dirty clothes hamper? Mommy's panties were so sexy and pretty and they felt so silky and soft against your skin didn't they? And Mommy's dirty panties smelled SO delicious to you. you wish you could smell Mommy all the time? You stroked that little cock and fantasized about being pretty and sexy and smelling nice just like Mommy didn't you?!

Well, I think that its high time to make those fantasies cum true! Lets start with some sexy frilly clothes for my pretty little slut a pair of little white thong panties, a pretty little white bra, some beautiful sheer thigh highs, and a cute little skirt and blouse. Oh yes.only the prettiest of things are good enough for my slutty little girl. Is my girl ready to be even prettier??? Oh good Mistress is going to paint those slutty little fingers and toes of yours HOT PINK!

Oh my gosh, I nearly forgot! We need to get rid of all of that boy hair so I made an appointment for you to get it ALL waxed off. Yes, it may hurt just a little bit but I don't want to hear your whining about it. You DO want to be Mistress' pretty little girl don't you? And you DO want Mistress to be proud of her pretty little girl and just how sexy she looks don't you?? Oh yes, I have lots ideas for my slutty little girl and I know just exactly what will drive the boys wild!