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Got a secret?

I bet no one knows you like to wear something silky and frilly under that suit of yours, do they?

I am sure the woman in your life doesn't know you are wearing her clothes right now, does she?

And she would be appalled to see you like this...

...because, Love, that outfit is tragic! I know fashion, and pairing that skirt with those shoes is obviously a cry for help.

Now it isn't normally in my nature, charity and helping and all that, but when I see crimes of fashion happen to perfectly good people, it does manage to touch my jaded heart.

So call me up and let me help you, Sissy.

We can chat all about it. Even spend some time going through catalogs and online picking outfits, hair and makeup looks and everything. We'll make your spa appointments for waxing and pedicures. I'll even send you to the mall with a camera phone if it'll help!

Now you can't be all sensitive if I get amused looking at your little clitty in those panties. And don't take it too personally if I get a little impatient while I am cock training you.

Well, you're dressed like a girl, don't you want to take it like one?

Or did you just want to feel soft and pretty?

Whatever you prefer. It's your fantasy...