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I know you and your secret desires to be a real girlie girl. Sometimes you wear panties to work, and are so excited, yet so humiliated that you have done this. You have a secret place for all of your girly things. Throughout the long day at work, you cannot stop watching the clock, waiting to get home to put on your silky, soft and frilly girlie clothes, make yourself up, put on a lovely, long wig, and walk around in your heels. You want it all, to pass as a woman and to be craved by men. I want to help you through this journey!

I have plenty of assignments we can do together to make you into the pretty girl you need to be. I will feminize you until you look in the mirror and can't believe what you see! Lessons will include:

~ How to shop for lingerie
~ How to pick out the correct makeup for your skin
~ How to apply makeup correctly
~ How to wear a wig
~ Let's hide your Adam's apple in style
~ Time to walk in high heels
~ Practicing the voice lilt of a real girl
~ Hair removal
~ And for the true girls, how to get and please a man

All of these lessons will transform you from a man to a sexy and sensual girl who knows what she wants. You will be amazing, and I will safely guide you through the whole process. Need to make it hotter? I can do that. It???ll be just between us girls!