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Have you been rummaging through your wife's lingerie drawer again? Perhaps you have even gone as far as wearing her panties to work... feeling the cool, soft silky fabric against your wannabe clit all day long. Maybe you sit at your desk staring at the beautiful secretary in the short pretty skirt and long legs... day dreaming of how wonderful it would feel to literally walk in her Christian Louboutin, peep toe, 4 1/2 inch pumps and matching bag.

Yes I know why you are here. You yearn to come busting out of the sissy closet. Longing to be the pretty Barbie slut you were meant to be. It's nice to meet you honey pie.. I am Miss Casey. I am sweet, sensual and fun with a perfect dash of bitch. I want to expose you to the world. I hate that you have to go on not able to live your authentic self. Nervous? You should be, sweetie. I have ways of getting you to do things you would never dream of.

Oh I know you've had fun with panties and bras, lip gloss and nail polish. But I want to take you further than you have ever dreamed. I am talking head to toe transformation. The WORKS. After you have met My high standards for your new look, walk and talk, the REAL fun begins. I am looking for girls who will do anything to please their Mistress. I may sound sweet and caring but believe Me. If I do not get what I want, there WILL be hell to pay. Are you up for the challenge, My new sissy whore?