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My name is Mistress Simone, and class is now in session. Stand up straight and stick out your beautiful breasts. I will teach you how to become a classy whore. Our first class will entail walking with a book on your head. Then we shall move on to wearing heels without falling on your ass. Your courses this year will be: CockSucking 101, How Lesbians Fuck and The Art of Picking up a Man. This is just to name a few, of course.

By the time class is over, you will be flexible, gorgeous and able to pick up any man or lesbian in a club. That is after all our goal, isn't it? You have come to sissy school to learn how to be a proper woman. Or perhaps I should say you are going to be a glorified slut. You want to, and have always longed to know what it would be like to be chased as a woman. I am a Mistress of many magical talents and I plan on taking hold of your mind. Not only shall you have a new name, but a different viewpoint on how to think.

You will feel what it is like to be dancing the night away feeling men grind against you. When I am done with your training, you will be able to throw away your cock and replace it with a clitoris whenever the need grasps you. At that time, we can go out together,and instead of a teacher and student, we can both pick up men and lesbians together.

As your Mistress, I shall have you close your eyes and transport you to the mental space in which we, as women live. In order to cum like a woman, you have to think like a woman. When you learn to think like a female, the clothing, the dress and the wet, dripping sex will all fall into place.

I am taking students right now. It will be a long term commitment both to yourself and to Me... and I understand your desire of wanting to fuck me. It is quite normal to want to make love to your teacher. Perhaps, if you are ample student, I might bend my morals a bit as long as you never fail to understand that I'm the one in charge.

My name shall obsess your mind. I am your newest teacher, Mistress Simone.