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Pssst ...sissy girl.

Yes, you.

You've been lurking around outside Sissy School for a while now, haven't you? Peeking in the sissy training classroom windows and listening at the Sissy School door, getting all excited just thinking about what might be going on inside.

Do you dream of being a girly girl with lots of pink ribbons and lace or do you enjoy being classy, feminine, and elegant? Maybe you?d enjoy being my sissy maid and all that goes with it. Perhaps you fantasize about being sexy and sensual, even downright slutty.

Does the thought of being my sissy cuckold make your panties wet with excitement? Do you get all tingly just thinking about whether your sissy training will include lessons from a Strap-on Femdom? Do you crave sissy humiliation? You may not even know what you most enjoy about feminization at this point, and that's okay too.

Wouldn't it be nice to finally talk to someone openly about your feminization fantasies and sissy desires? Someone who understands exactly what you need? Of course it would. That's why you find yourself drawn to Sissy School. You've listened to all the feminization audios on the Get Girlie Forum. Maybe you've even chatted with other sissy gurls in our kinky adult chat room or on the Enchantrix Empire Social Network.

You've looked through all the Sissy Training Mistress profiles wondering which one would be just right for you and for some reason you keep coming back to me. Whatever your sissy style, one thing is for certain- I will push your limits to the edge and take you places you've never been. You'll discover things about yourself that you never before realized.

Scared? Excited? Intrigued? You should be.

Well, what are you waiting for, girlfriend? Today?s the day. Click on the Call Now button at the top of this page or call the number above and ask for Empress Hunter. You'll be glad you did.