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Transforming yourself into a girl, or sissy, is an art. It requires discipline, but at the same time, it's a lot of fun! A lot of you have had that ache to be a girl for so long that you can no longer tuck it away. Whether you express it in your alone time, or you feel the need to out yourself to the world, you need to be more feminine.

I understand, and this is why I'm here. As a Mistress, and one that coaches, trains and disciplines - I, too, feel the need to express myself both as a woman, and a Dominatrix. It is essential that I show you the way to what being a girl is really like. I am experienced, and have been training for a number of years.

I offer all types of training for sissies, and one of my more popular training is guided meditation. Guided meditation helps you to put your mind where it needs to be in regard to being feminized. Think of it as extreme focus! I have majored in psychology, so I'm the type of Mistress who will probe you and ask questions.

I also give assignments and train you how to use certain feminine things such as dildos, make-up, high heels, or as simple as how to shave and put on panty hose.

Since I am a creative type, I love doing fantasy role-plays of all types. Some examples include:

Teacher ? student
Boss - secretary
Lady of the house - maid
Wife - husband-turned-sissy
Prison guard - convict (made to turn into a girl)
Therapist ? patient

Or, simply, a Mistress who takes control and makes you into what you always desired. My final word here is to stop pushing this part of you away and more importantly, quit purging! See you in your feminization training!