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Welcome to your Fantasy-School, my little sissy. I am well aware of why you are here and exactly what you need from me. You long to be a woman, and you need help from Sissy Mistress EmmaJane to turn you into the prettiest, sexiest, naughtiest girl on the block. Lucky, lucky girl! Your salvation is here.

I am happy to be your sensual guide, your expert instructor, and your new best friend. Choosing your new sissy name (if you don't already have one) is my first goal. Teaching you how to talk, walk, and behave is my next. You are my new gal pal, and we're going to do everything together. As BFFs, we will share secrets, giggles, lingerie, clothes, and fashion and beauty tips - and that's not all. Shopping trips for all things feminine - panties, bras, hosiery, shoes, clothing, make-up, perfume, wigs, etc. - will be frequent and tons of fun. Sisters in girlishness are just what we shall be.

Now, I want to get you all dolled up and present you with a surprise. After all, you deserve a reward for your hard work. I will bring out my "special" toys and introduce you to the ways of a seductive, man-pleasing vixen. When you see the Vac-U-Lock harness and accompanying selection of dildos I'm carrying, the look on your face is priceless. Do not be afraid, my sissy pet. I will handle you with care - at first. The expert strap-on training you receive will result in your advanced ability to handle a cock like a real slut! Trust me. I know this part of your training is the icing on the cake, and you will love every moment. *whispers* ...And we both know how you dream of sucking cock and spreading your pussy open for a big surprise.

While I will consistently train you with a sensual and supportive manner, know that I can utilize humiliation as I see fit in order to fully feminize you. You will forget you were ever a man, as I transform you into a blossoming woman and my perfect sissy slut. Your gratefulness for my bringing out the real woman -or whore- in you will know no end. See... I know all too well how to turn sissy boys into girly girls & cock-craving whores, and my success rate is 100%. You, my darling, are getting the best, highly experienced top-notch guidance there is. Take my hand, and let's get started...