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Hi girls

I am Mistress Constance your sissy school mentor. I am experienced in all things sissy and I want to help you be the very best sissy girl you can be.

I know all too well that no two sissy girls are alike and what one may enjoy does not mean another will. My experience with girls like you has taught me to treat each and every sissy girl like the unique and beautiful beings that you are.

I can help you get started on your sissy transformation or simply be a girlfriend you can chit chat with and tell all your sissy secrets to.

I can also help you live out those naughty sissy fantasies that you have never dared do on your own. With me there is no need to hide your feminine side. I want you to embrace your inner girl and let her shine through.

In a world where the majority just does not understand you or even accept you just know that I not only understand but I accept and encourage you to fulfill all your sissy dreams.

Finding the right woman to bring out your most intimate feminine side is so very important and I am sure once you have spoken to me you will find that sissy soul mate and female mentor you have been searching for.

Now are you ready to be the sissy you feel inside and have fun exploring and embracing your femininity? I am ready to help you fulfill all your sissy dreams....let today be the first day of the rest of your sissy life.