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Some guys were just born with glitter in their veins.

But instead of dressing up and looking like the sexy sissy you are, you just walk slowly past the lingerie stores, quickly rub your fingers over the silk panties on the rack, afraid to ask for your size.

Oh sure, you've got a pair of panties or two and you've tried a little lipstick, but you need to be taught how to pull it all together. You want to go up to that make-up counter and pick out one of everything, but you don't know how to get started. I've seen you flipping quickly through the Cosmo, lifting the pages up to your nose and carefully lifting up the corner of one of the perfume samples, rubbing the tip of your finger over it and wishing you could just run out and buy a bottle to spray on your skin.

I'm here to take your hand and get your nails painted cherry red, teach you how to pick the right bag to match your shoes and make you into the kind of woman you are inside. I know you aren't all panty boys who just want to feel that silk though and sometimes being glamourous is fun, but being a slut can be exciting, too. Some of you need a firm hand, something to get you up on those heels and out in the club shaking your ass. I'll tell everyone you're available and ready to party, make you the entertainment at my parties and find you the shortest sluttiest dress you can imagine.

Whether you're a slutty sissy, a glamourous fashionista, panty boy, sissy maid, or just love to cross dress and head out with the girls, I'm here to make sure that happens and enjoy every minute of it!

Inside every man is a woman waiting to come out. Embrace it.