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It's so hard when you have to hide your true self every day. When you can't embrace the feminine side of you - the side that truly makes up your inner being. You're only covered with that shell of maleness, aren't you?

If you are at any stage of embracing your inner gurl, if you are striving to be the woman you have always believed you are, then you've come to the right place. Whether you have already begun your journey, or you are only dreaming of ways to change, I am here to help.

Not only am I a strong yet sensitive Mistress, I also believe in empowering women to fulfill their destinies. Are you looking for an elaborate roleplay? Playing our own kinky version of make believe? I adore weaving femme fantasies with you.

Do you need encouragement to begin living authentically? Taking the steps to carry your sissy side with you daily? I'm all about encouraging and guiding you towards your goals. Are you a sissy slut? A sexy seductress? Do you need training and practice to please a man (or several??) Tips, tricks and hints abound.

I like to broaden your horizons. Encourage you to push your own boundaries. I want you to be the best sissy you can be, whatever stage you find yourself at on your journey. Your transformation begins today!