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You can tell Me all day long that you want to dress up as a "professional woman". That it's your fantasy to dress in a white blouse and modest skirt. You can keep on telling Me, but I know that you really want to dress up like the dirty little slut you are. I'll dress you and make you up like a cock-tease. I'll take you to the local bar and pimp you out in the washrooms to any man who comes along. You'll suck cock and get fucked until I have to kiss away your tears. Don't worry, we can practice at home first. I'll dress you up in stockings, heels and mini skirt. I'll stretch out that man-pussy with my strap-on until you beg for mercy.

Perhaps your taste runs more to frilly panties and white socks? Do you fantasize about being all pink and white and girlie? Your strict English nanny will take you out for walks in the park but you'll get spanked if you get your nice clean clothes all dirty. Dirty - just like your dirty little mind.

Darling, I have a warm heart and a dirty mind and I know we can have fun together. Call me and tell me what kind of sissy you want to be!