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"Mistress, am I a sissy?"

I've been asked, on several occasions, to define what it means to be a sissy. Is it just a man wearing panties or does there need to be more to get the qualification? At which point do you change over from being a "panty boy" to being a full-fledged sissy and what does that mean for your future?

There are a variety of answers to this ... each one unique to the individual coming to me with the question. I always ask, in response, "Well, do you FEEL like a sissy?" and begin exploring the answer from there. Have you always been like this or is it a new development? Is it something you feel is a part of your life or just a sexual drive? (Note: Both of these are completely valid responses, there is no right or wrong answer).

How Can I Be A Better Sissy?

Here's where it gets interesting. This is where I can help to mold you ... guide you ... and pervert you into being the perfect sissy for my use.
Are you a sissy who wears panties but wants to be better dressed?
I am a fashionable Lady who can help you to achieve any look you desire, from a stylish doll to a trampy little slut. I can help direct you to the makeup tutorials and fashion trends that will keep you looking your sissy best. I specialise in lingerie and retro-sissy looks .... there's nothing sexier than a sissy done up like pin-up bimbo!

Are you a sissy that loves cock?
To say I specialise in cock training is an understatement. This is where my strength comes out ... I own 15 strapons and I will teach you how to deep throat each and every one of them. After all, a good cocksucking sissy should know how to please both her Mistress AND the man her in life!

Do you need a confidante?
Every girl needs a friend they can go to coffee and confess their secrets to. Care to share with me about the first time you nicked a pair of knickers from the dorm laundry? Or the first time you took a man's cock in your mouth? I promise you ... your secrets aren't exactly safe with me but I do love to hear them anyway.

A Kinder, Gentler Sissy

In the end, whether you are a sissy or not depends entirely on what you feel ... and what I can make you do!