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In school, some of My best friends were sissies, and we had the best time! It was just like having real girlfriends, except My sissies were loyal and obedient to Me! I love having sleepovers, taking turns giving each other makeovers, trying out the latest colors of eyeshadow and lipstick. I have done some fab-tastic transformations of wimpy, pathetic sissyboys into well-groomed, perfect little princess-wanna-be's. You will never be a Princess like Me, but I can get you as close as you will ever get!

Of course, since I AM a Princess, I do get what I want. I am very much Sugar, but I am also very SPICY! I will find you the perfect set of panties and bra, dress you up like My little doll, and then take you out to show you off in public. I love to watch the look on people's face when they try to figure out exactly what you are! But we both know what you really are, don't we my little sissy slut? Let's go shopping, we can spend the afternoon looking at the latest fashions, trying on those pretty pumps, sampling the latest scents at Bath & Body Works, seeing what's new at Victoria's Secret!

If you're a good little sissy-boi, then you just might get the ultimate reward. Yes, I just may allow you to wear a pair of My dirty panties. You would like that, wouldn't you, my little sissy slut? Sliding My dirty, silky smooth panties over your hard little clitty, allowing My womanly fragrance to penetrate your skin, that's as close as you'll get to smelling like a REAL woman! But I'm not sure if you've been good enough for that, you will have to EARN that privilege.

Of course, everyone knows that real women know how to suck a good cock, so we will have you practicing that as well. I have a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes of toy cocks for you to practice on. And if you refuse, you will be dealt with accordingly. I DO get My way, ALWAYS. And like any school in session, there WILL be a test' so you'd better practice and do your best, or you will fail miserably. And yes, you WILL be miserable if you fail!