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Call me Princess. I like to rub it in because you would love to be the perfect paragon of Princessdom that I am. Unfortunately you can't because you are a girlie boi and I am a girlie girl. I'm not being condescending... I swear, or maybe I am. That depends on my mood for the day. You see, you love my archetype. The spoiled little valley girl who shops, flirts, parties at clubs, and dates manly boys.

Oh don't get me wrong. There is totally a place for you in my plans, like, you could be of use to me. Little panty waist sissies are so awesome at things a real man won't do like dressing up in my rejects to serve my all girl mojito party, cleaning my bungalow, giving me a pedicure and foot massage, being my foot stool while I file my french manicured fingernails, and being the object of humiliation when I feel so totally mean. I can think of so many ways to play with you. I'm sure you will tell your Princess how you like to play, won't you? Yes you will. I do not tolerate bois expecting me to be a mind reader.

Be prepared to serve a spoiled little Princess who enjoys feminizing bois, who enjoys hearing their histories, fantasies, and anything else that goes on in their little sissy brains. Oh, also, I may be a fer sher valley girl, but I'm educated, articulate, and above all, totally awesome. Call yer Princess!