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Is Sissy Chastity for You?

by Mistress Roxie of


Sissy Chastity Sissy Training (800) 601-6975You’re certainly feminine and submissive. But, should you be in sissy chastity too? You may be the best submissive sissy there is. And you’re as girly and feminine as you can be. You’ve got the style, the moves, and the sassy attitude you always dreamed of. But, is something missing? Have you ever thought about the fact that it’s time to push your limits a bit harder and find the next level of your sissy experience?

If you’ve never thought about the importance of chastity as part of your sissy experience, I urge you to reconsider. So many sissies like you tell me that it very quickly just feels right. And that it feels like a natural part of your sissy self – so much so that they wish they had started sooner. You know deep down in your sissy soul that only dominant, alpha men deserve to get hard and enjoy sexual pleasure whenever they want. And you know that you should not be in charge of your own masturbation and pleasure, the source of which really needs to be locked away and ignored.

When you do this you are likely to feel even more girly and submissive. If your penis is locked away, it can feel like it barely even exists. You no longer have a penis, you have a “little clitty.” Because of that, chastity could be the closest you may come to really feeling like a girl. And it leaves you free to explore an even deeper level of your femininity. Being in chastity can also create a big change in your mindset. You will probably feel and act more submissive and you definitely won’t be able to experience pleasure and sexual satisfaction in the ways that you did before.

Ideally, you will begin to think of yourself as a sissy who only provides pleasure, while your own pleasure is rarely considered. You may get erections and drip from your cage while dominant men are using your holes for their pleasure. But you would very rarely be allowed to relieve that ache. Most of the time, though, you would gratefully accept that you aren’t allowed your own pleasure very often, and certainly not whenever you want to.



Sit Your Fine Sissy Ass Down


Sissy School Sissy Training (800) 601-6975Another benefit of chastity is that you will have to pee sitting down like a lady. Every single time – not just when you’re dressed up or feeling particularly girly or submissive. And not just when you’re at home. Wherever you are, you will push down your panties, sit down on the toilet (or hover over it, depending on where you are), and relieve yourself like a woman.

The joy of being in this situation is that it should keep you in a submissive and girly mindset more of the time. You are adding more sissy behaviors to your daily routine, which can only reinforce your femininity.



Pretty Sissy Things


Pink Chastity Device for Sissies (800) 601-6975Does the thought of wearing a boring metal or clear plastic cage make you feel uninterested in chastity? That is perfectly understandable. You go to a lot of trouble to be feminine, so locking on a masculine cage is not very appealing. But, the good news is that you have nothing to worry about.

There are so many pretty chastity devices and chastity device accessories. You can purchase pink and powder blue chastity cages. And ones that have a very soft texture, cutout flower designs, glow-in-the-dark materials, and rainbow iridescent finishes. Hopefully, some of these types of items can make your chastity cage a pretty, feminine accessory that makes you feel pretty and sexy, as well as submissive and obedient.



Sissy Chastity Can Mean Less Regret


Sissy Chastity Key Holder (800) 601-6975

This is a subject near and dear to me. It is completely understandable that sometimes a sissy may have to part with all of their feminine things because of life’s circumstances. But so many times, you all tell me about suddenly being filled with shame and regret for your sissy ways, which is almost always a result of post-cum regret. Most of us have had this feeling, but for the sissy, the consequences can be expensive and mentally distressing.

This is because it often leads to a purge of all things feminine in your possession. Which you later regret. And whenever I hear about this happening, it just hurts my heart. Your girly things are precious and often expensive. But, unfortunately, sometimes when you cum, you can lose all interest in being a sissy and all of your pretty things become reminders of your regret. Of course, acceptance of your sissy situation or leaning into the shame and sissy humiliation that you crave, if that’s your thing, is ideally the best way to avoid post-cum regret and the big purge. But in the meantime, the best solution is just not to cum at all.

Or ruining orgasms can help as well. But do you have the self-discipline to do either one of those things every single time? Some of you might, but most probably don’t. After starting chastity, you will no longer have control over touching, masturbating, or orgasms. And if your sissy training Mistress is aware of your need to avoid orgasm, she will make that happen for you. You won’t need self-control – just obedience, and submission. And as a result, no more post-cum regret and no more big purges of your pretty, girly things.

So, submissive sissies… I hope I’ve given you enough reasons to give chastity a try. Or at least given you a lot of things to think about while you consider making chastity the next step in your sissy journey.


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