From Normal to Sissy Bimbo


As a skilled feminization Mistress, I have learned the ways and techniques that are required for proper bimbo training. It is obvious that bimbos are not like any other kind of sissy slave or slut. They are unique diamonds who must be polished and tested time and time again.


Bimbo training is a step up from normal “feminization” training; it is something deeper and more intense. Bimbo training is the systematic behavioral training of a sissy girl to be a completely depraved cock slut. She effectively is a human blow-up doll, but, unlike blow-up dolls, she enjoys every second of being used.


There are several steps in turning a sissy boy into a bimbo slut. It starts off very basic and then slowly turns into a strict behavior modification program in which the sissy in question participates wholeheartedly.


However, before the training can truly start, there are two pre-training phases. They are as follows.


The Preliminaries Of Becoming A Sissy Bimbo Slut


Step One: Stripping Of The Residual Manhood (The Break-Down)


A sissy boy is first stripped of all his remaining masculine clothing. As he is standing naked in his room before several examples of pure feminine perfection and beauty, he is instructed to pull piece after piece of his masculine clothing out of his closet. Then, he will throw them into large plastic bags, which will be locked securely away from him during the training process. His closet is then refilled with huge amounts of trampy feminine clothing in shades like “fuck me” red and bubblegum pink. This is just the tip of the iceberg though.


Next, he is taken into a bathroom that is a bimbo’s dream come true. There are plenty of mirrors in which she can look at herself and walls lined with images of beautiful women. There are also posters with pretty pictures and phrases, such as “I love cock,” “I must be a cock sucking slut,” or “I am a bimbo whore.”


He has never felt quite as humiliated as we sit him down in a bubble bath that is fit for only the most feminine of bimbos. This is where we will strip him of the last vestiges of his manhood. All of his body hair will be carefully removed, and his head will be shaved, so as to accommodate the perfect blonde wigs we have picked out for him. He will receive a complete facial and be instructed to stay clean-shaven at all times. This will be a time of lots of erotic humiliation and feminization.


Now The Real Feminization Can Begin


Step Two: Make up and Nails (Rebirth)


At this point, he will be dried off and left naked as he sits down at a large makeup table. He will be taught how to apply every bit of his sissy makeup. He will start with a thick coat of foundation to create a more feminine skin tone and a heavy coat of eye liner.


There are two ways to do bimbo mascara. Some men prefer that you look prim and perfect even after the roughest sex, so he would need to simply apply a copious amount of waterproof mascara. Other men love the look of “mascara tears.” In this case, he would not want waterproof mascara, but he would need to use a good bit of mascara, so that there is plenty to run down those pretty cheeks.


Next, we will apply a thick line of dark pink lip liner and then fill those plump lips with bubblegum pink lipstick. The thicker this is laid on, the better! His cheeks will need a thick layer of pink blush as well. Finally, we will finish off with a layer of powder, which must be maintained to avoid shine.


The last thing to be done is to give him a nice pedicure and manicure. He will have beautiful long acrylic nails applied and polished with a perfect pink and white French manicure. Of course, a single small crystal decoration will be placed on each nail to add a little glimmer to them. His toes will be painted to match the bubblegum pink theme.


These are just the first two steps of becoming a bimbo. I am sure if you underwent this training, as you sat there surrounded by not only the beautiful, clothed women around you, but also by all of the images on the wall, you would find yourself becoming consumed. You would have a hard time trying to think “normally.” In fact, “normal” would no longer be defined the same to you. “Normal,” to you, would become a day full of shopping, primping, and sucking cock.


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