From Normal Sissy To Bimbo, Part Two


By this time, our sissy will have already undergone a fairly strenuous transformation. He’ll sit looking at himself, somewhat pained by his new look, yet somehow aroused at the same time. He’s gone from ‘normal’ to sissy bimbo, but there’s still more to go!


Why is he aroused? Has he always been a coerced bi slut down deep inside? Has he always craved to have a beautiful Goddess–a feminization Mistress–to turn him into a hungry, cock sucking whore?


He really has no idea what is in store for him now. He never realized that his WILDEST fantasies could be a reality. He entered a bimbo training program with his own personal feminization mistress, and now he must undergo three more steps to complete his training.


The next three parts of the transformation are essential to turn a sissy girl into a BIMBO slut.


Time For Ultra-Feminization Training


Step Three: Bodily Transformation


To be a proper bimbo slut, he must first have one of the key attributes of a bimbo slut: voluptuous breasts. There are three options for acquiring the necessary HUGE breasts. 


The first option, which is the least intrusive, is to have the proper breasts forms that would sit within his pretty bra to simulate real breasts during his time as a bimbo. The second option is much more intrusive, but fairly permanent and fast. Breasts implants are a drastic option for the sissy boy who longs to have big bimbo tits instantly. The last option is to undergo a series of hormone treatments. This method is only for those who wish to permanently attain breasts and to almost positively lose the ability to get an erection from that pathetic cock. (This method also takes the longest amount of time.) For more detailed information about acquiring breasts, check out the “Breasts For Crossdressing Sissies” essay.


He will also be taught proper methods for tucking away his useless dick, so as to appear much more like the bimbo slut he is. Some will even undergo hormone treatments for the simple purpose keeping their dicks limp; this is to ensure that they remember their places as a fuck slut and pleasure toy for others. Other bimbos will be kept in chastity hell to control their sexual urges while they are learning to put others’ sexual needs before their own.


Step Four: Learning how to Dress


This is the simplest part of the overall makeover and transformation that occurs prior to the actual bimbofication. This is the part where the sissy boy is taught how to use all of those fabulous new clothes that are tucked away in his closet and his newly transformed bedroom.


Let me first give the setting of this new bedroom. Just imagine a college freshman sorority girl’s dorm room with all of the pink frills and glitter, the canopy-style bed with lots of pink lace, princess pink bedding, and a lighted vanity table. The walls are now a soft pink with a cute white border and covered with pictures of all his favorite models and actresses–all those women he’s ached to emulate for so long.


Now, his feminization mistress will stand him–still naked but in full makeup–in front of the three-way mirrors. He will be taught how to accentuate his best features, such as his beautiful and voluptuous tits and nice round ass with his crossdressing. He will wear skimpy tops to show off as much as possible without quite revealing the goods and short micro miniskirts for the same reason. I know he’s been lusting to look like the perfect little slut Barbie.


He will, of course, wear proper undergarments, like a skimpy but alluring thong, or, perhaps, no panties at all and just a garter belt to hold up his gorgeous stockings with thick, lacy tops. Don’t forget the matching lacy bra! Think about how all of these pieces of clothing would feel clinging to his freshly modified body and how aroused and excited he would be…especially after a few weeks of chastity.


The finishing touch is always the “fuck me” platform heels. You know, the kind of shoes only strippers and hookers wear. These will be the kind that he will always wear as he is being fucked.


Now The Sissy Looks Like A Bimbo; It’s Time For Him To Act Like One!


Step Five: Talk the Talk : Walk the Walk


This last stage of bimbo training is very important to master before he subjects himself to the cocksucking training by a strict Mistress. In this stage, he will learn to walk the walk and talk the talk.


First, he must learn how to walk in his new shoes. He will spend every waking moment in heels, walking from place to place to learn to rid himself of the awkward stumbling that is inevitable in the beginning. He will be coerced and seduced, tantalized by the beauty of his Mistress to walk back and forth, modeling his new bimbo self and practicing his walk. It is important for him to learn to sway his hips and bounce his tits ever-so-seductively to attract as many cocks as possible.


The last part is learning how to talk like a bimbo. It is imperative that he is the ultimate example of cheerfulness, happiness, and ditziness. He will giggle at most questions and just let himself be guided through conversation. He is, for all intents and purposes, a complete airhead and a ditz.


He will just be a cute play-toy, mostly to be seen and rarely heard, except for moaning and screaming during a hard fuck session. He will use a very limited vocabulary, but his nymphomania will show through regardless.


This is just the beginning of becoming a bimbo. Bimbos will ache to go farther and deeper into their naughty nympho fantasies. They will want to think, act and live as true bimbo sluts, and men will love them for it!


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