Assessing Body Type, For Sissies


One of the most common mistakes that sissies make, be they experienced or inexperienced, is the selection of their feminine clothing. Too many times, they try to wear what’s trendy at the moment or whatever they think is “feminine” without regard to what looks good on them. If you’re worried that you may be one of the many sissies who falls into that trap, don’t despair. This handy how-to essay will help you with assessing your body type for sissies, including your size, and shape in order to ensure that you pick the best clothing for you.

We will cover choosing sissy clothes based on your body type in the next installment of our sissy training essays!

Body Type Determines How a Sissy Boy Should Dress

It’s not just sissies who make this mistake, incidentally. Many women have the same problem. They become blind to what does or does not flatter their skin tone and figures. Instead, they chase trends or go completely over-the-top in their attempts to look sexy. There’s no shame in being ignorant of what looks nice on you. This Sissy School tutorial seeks to educate, not embarrass!
The first thing you should do when evaluating your clothing choices is to be sure you understand your body type, which is what this essay aims to help you do. We can’t all look like supermodels or have a perfect hourglass shape like Marilyn Monroe or Beyonce. So rather than rail against our perceived shortcomings or try desperately to change them, the best thing we can do is work with what we have. This applies to biological girls as well as sissy girls.
What’s the best way to do that? Well, first, let’s take a look at your body and figure out what kind of figure you actually do possess. Once we have the answer to that question, then we’ll know exactly what we have to work with.

Sissies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Crossdressing sissies truly come in all shapes and sizes. What’s yours? Here’s how to find out!
If you can lay your hands on a full-length mirror, that would be ideal for this experiment. If not, a regular bathroom or dresser mirror will serve the purpose. Remove all your clothes and stand naked in front of your mirror of choice. Now, look at your body with an analytical eye. This is not the time to be critical of your body, however. We want you to be honest, not harsh.
Take an honest appraisal of yourself. Are you tall or short? Remember, the average height of women in the UK is between 5’3″ and 5’5″. Are you on the small side or the large side? These are things you can probably answer without even having to look at yourself!
If you’re smaller, are you thin with little muscle tone or wiry with lean muscle? If you’re average-sized, are you long and lanky or tight and compact? If you’re larger, are you soft and squishy or simply possessed of a larger-than-normal bone structure? Are you in good shape with toned, firm limbs and trunk? If not, don’t beat yourself up over it. Keep in mind that it’s honesty we’re looking for, not criticism!
Once you have decided what category of smaller, average, or larger size you fall into, it’s time to get even more detailed. If you decide to choose a feminization Mistress, she will surely want all the information possible to make sure you’re a sharp-dressed lady!

More Detailed Information on Sissy Body Assessment


Take another look at your body, sexy sissy boy! Where do you carry most of your weight? For most biological men, the answer is “Above the belt.” This particular shape is less common in biological females, but there are ways to enhance it and make it look extremely enticing! If you’re a little more unusual for a biological man and happen to carry more of your weight a little lower, say, around your hips and thighs, you’re lucky. It means that it’ll be a bit easier to find women’s clothing that is flattering on you, as you have the shape that most women have.

It’s also possible that neither of the above options fits you. You may very well have something resembling the shape of a supermodel: a long, thin silhouette with little definition in the waist. Or, alternatively, you may have hit genetic gold in that you have an hourglass shape with a well-defined waist and your weight equally balanced between the top and bottom halves of your body. Lucky you!
There are a couple of more things to consider, and then we’re finished! Take a good look at your legs now. Are they noticeably long or short? If you can’t tell one way or the other, your legs are like most people’s–average.
Another important thing to think about related to leg length is whether you’re long-waisted or short-waisted. Being short-waisted means that your body is longer from your natural waist to your feet than it is from your natural waist to the top of your head. The opposite is true if you’re long waisted.
If you can’t eyeball yourself and tell which one you are, then try this easy trick from Place your hand where your natural bust ends; for men who do not have breast implants, this would be where the pectoral muscle ends. If you can fit more than two hand-widths between there and where your natural waist begins, then you’re long-waisted. If you can’t fit two hand-widths, then you’re short-waisted.

Remember Your Body Type Information When Shopping for Sissy Clothes

You (or your Femdom Mistress) will need your body type details when shopping for sissy clothes. It can be a lot of information to remember, so feel free to take notes!
Now that you have all the sissy body type information that you need, it’s time to put it to good use! Keep your notes close at hand and take a look at our shopping for sissy clothes tutorial if you want to learn how to choose the most flattering outfits for your figure.

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