A Sissy Boy Speaks


To be honest, I don’t even know how I ever let things spiral this far. This is my expose, I guess. Call it Sissy Boy Speaks! It had all started rather innocently. I mean, aren’t all guys just a little curious about things as they get older? I won’t lie. I remember the very first time I put on a pair of panties. My girlfriend at the time had left them at my house in a rush to get back home one morning. At first, I just wanted to sniff them, you know? That was hot because I could smell her scent still on them. It got me so hard. Then, I was just stroking my dick a bit with those panties. They were silk or satin or something, and it felt so fucking good.


That’s when I decided I needed to put them on, so I could see exactly what they felt like. And, wow, they felt better than I could’ve ever imagined! At first, I struggled with the thought of wearing a silky pink thong, so I joked to myself, “Ha, they make man thongs!” It still sounded so stupid, but damn. I just couldn’t believe how turned on I was with my first experience as a panty boy and crossdressing sissy.


Being A Panty Boy For The First Time Was The Hottest Thing I’d Ever Done In My Life


After that first night of wearing those panties, I freaked out and decided my girlfriend would freak out, too, if she ever knew. So for whatever reason, I hid the fucking panties deep in my closet. Luckily, she never really asked about them; she had tons of panties, after all. You know what the messed up part was? I started thinking about those panties more and more. It was like all the fucking time. Every other “normal” orgasm was not even close to “that night.”


So one night, I was sitting around, trying to just focus on this hot video I had found online, and, you know, do my thing. I kept thinking about those panties that were still hidden in my closet. It was like the harder I tried not to think about them, the more I NEEDED to go get them. Finally, I broke down and dug them out. The first thing I did was put those dirty panties up to my nose and inhale deeply. It was like some intoxicating perfume. After that, it was only a moment before I had those panties pulled up and was rubbing my dick though them like a real slut.


So, I mean, that is not really all that extreme, right? Yeah, sure, I was a panty boy, at worst. At that point, I had absolutely no clue that things would ever go this far! God, I can’t believe how stupid I was, but at the same time, I don’t really regret it. I have never felt better; I’ve never felt so…free.


In a way, I wonder how I ever went so long without really becoming a sissy boy. It all makes sense now, those years of stolen panties and “lost” bras. I told myself then that it was just the way they felt against my skin, but I felt different, too, when I was in them.


My Feminization Heats Up


When did things start to get serious? I guess it was the first time I ever contacted a feminization mistress, so that I could learn more about this newly discovered sissy fetish.


I never really wanted to call it that, but the more I dressed up, the more I wanted to be pushed. This strict feminization mistress I found was sensual, but firm with me. It was exactly what I needed. She was gorgeous, and, in a way, I wanted to be just like her. She began molding me slowly into a perfect little sissy girl.


I’d be lying if I said it took very long for her to turn me into a coerced cocksucking sissy. It seemed like no time before she had me sucking on all kinds of things, not to mention giggling like a bimbo in between carrying out her every command. Sometimes after a session with my sissification mistress, I would question what I was becoming. It was like I couldn’t help but to give in over and over, no matter how hard I tried to resist my own desires.


Anyway, to be completely honest, I’m never happier than when I am being a dirty and kinky sissy boy slut. If you have ever wondered if you should try, then I say you need to go for it because you have no idea what you are missing! I wish that I had given into my desire to be a sissy earlier, and I bet after you try it, you’ll feel the same way! *giggles!*


Want To See How Far Down The Sissy Boy Rabbit Hole Goes? Call the Feminization Mistresses 800.730.3507