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Sissy Training at Sissy School

Do you want to know what you learn in sissy school? The Mistresses here at LDW have lots of things that they can teach you, but you better listen and do what they say because they can be very strict indeed.

Sissy school is the hub site for all types of feminization and sissy training. It’s the place for you if you want to know about all things girly. There are sissies from all different walks of life and even different lifestyles, but they all want the same thing when they all want the same thing when they end up in sissy training. They all want to learn to be more feminine and every great thing that entails.

Flirting with Guys 101 or Hair and Makeup 405?

Sissies call the Mistresses here at LDW for sissy training. This means training in any and all things girly. Whether they play dress up whenever they can or they’re never without their girly panties and makeup, there is always something to learn at sissy school. Your sissy training regimen can be made specifically for you by your favorite sissy training Mistress. You can tell her what you want to learn or talk about during the first phone session or you can contact her via email or chat on Yahoo Messenger so that she is aware of what training you need and can start your instruction right away when you call. This list is just some of the examples of what you can learn from sissy training.

First, there’s the basics, lots of basics. Everyone who wants to learn to walk in heels, must be taught and practice walking in them regardless of gender. I am a Mistress who believes that if you insist on walking in heels, learn the correct way to do so gracefully. I have women friends that clop along and I have seen sissies that glide across the floor in almost silence as if they were born in Jimmy Choos. Walking in heels is just one of the many things the Mistresses can teach you in sissy training. They are all experts in dressing and makeup and love to talk about shopping trips. The Mistresses can tell you what makeup to wear for whatever the occasion. We can also tell you the correct way to apply it to get the desired effect you’re looking for. We’ll suggest online resources for clothing and other specialty items. We can give you assignments and will hold you to your practice schedule, whether the assignment is to put panty hose on ten times or putting on lipstick and pursing your lips to get it on evenly 15 times.

Just Want to Talk? We’ll Listen

There’s also help with how to approach and talk to guys that you find attractive. Remember that Mistresses love to gossip and talk about how to manipulate men. We are also good at coaching you on how to correctly suck a hot guy’s cock if you love erotic humiliation or you just want to know how to do it.

The Mistresses here at LDW are also here for the more serious side of sissy training. If you just want to talk about how to tell your wife or family about your love of all things girly, we can do that. We can be there to listen and tell you some of the options open to you, and most certainly support you in your decision, but we can’t tell you what to do. If you want to reaffirm why you never want to tell another living soul about your sissy side, that’s okay and we will listen. I have listened to many stories, all as different as the girly girls telling them. One more memorable story was about a sissy that lived alone and was independently wealthy so they had all the clothes that they wanted. But my sissy caller couldn’t get up the nerve to go to the nail salon to have her nails done. Sure he probably could’ve paid to rent the place for a private manicure, but he was way too shy for that. He never went out shopping. He bought everything over the internet. So I told him the right way to file and paint his nails and showed him where to buy an acrylic nail kit. He sent me the cutest pictures of them when he was finished.

Whether you want to start your sissy training or continue it, you can find something that is interesting and possibly arousing at LDW’s sissy school. Call us to enroll!

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For sissy phone sessions, call 800-3566169 - Sissy and Crossdressing Resources
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