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Sissy Panties! Many Styles of Panties for Sissies

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Sissy Panties: A Panty Guide for Sissies

A staple element to any sissy or crossdresser's wardrobe is the choice of undergarments. I, Empress Bailey, plan to take a journey with you to discover the perfect panties for a sissy boy for every day of the week.

Sissy Panties: Briefs

Many novice sissies and crossdressers do not realize all of the styles of panties available. Before we can decide which panties are best for you sissy, let's discuss the basics. First, we have your basic briefs. Briefs give full coverage in the front as well as the back, with a low leg-line. They are usually made to help control a problem tummy, or tush, when they are high on the waist. Modern briefs generally have a lower waist line to help accommodate to low-rise jeans. There are many tummy and hip variations to briefs. When we think of briefs, we think of "granny" or "period" panties. Although not the most fashionable, they are the most comfortable and could be worn on a Sunday or Monday when recovering from a party.

Sissy Panties: Bikinis

Bikinis are what most sissies and crossdressers who I've talked to tend to wear. Bikinis also have a full rear, but are cut above the thigh with a much lower waistline than briefs. String bikinis are a popular variation, with string sides instead of thick sides for a sexier sissy look. Bikinis are good for mid-week wear when you want to feel like a sexy sissy boy, yet maintain comfort at work.

Sissy Panties: Tho-tho-tho-tho-thong!

Thongs should be worn with great care, not only by sissies, but by everyone! Thongs are very sexy with a small low-cut front, thin sides and no rear coverage; either a thing strip or a thin string. Thongs are great for sissies who need to hide panty lines, yet should be worn with care as they do not protect against cellulite and tummy flab. Thongs, however, are perfect for a sexy sissy Saturday night at the club, maximizing your sissy sex-o-meter.

Sissy Panties: Boy Shorts (No Pun Intended!)

Boyshorts haven't been on the scene long, but are gaining popularity among sissies and crossdressers. They have a low waistline and sides that come down at the bottom of, or right the below, the buttocks. Boy shorts offer both sexiness and comfort. Some even say that they are sexier than thongs as they are sexy without showing it all off. Perfect to wear on a Friday night after work at a classy little sissy bar. Or, just around the house with a cute shirt or tank top.

Fabrics for Sissy Panties

Now that we've discussed the different cuts of panties, let's delve into the fabrics a little. First, we have cotton. Cotton should not have to have an explanation! It allows your sissy parts to breathe and is good when you want to be low key. Satin, or silk, is extremely soft, sensual and sexy. Bikini panties are best for this fabric, as I am sure you experienced sissy boys know. For those who can not afford satin or silk, try a polyblend; sexy, soft, yet without the huge price tag. Lace is so classic and very versatile. You can have silk panties adorned in lace, or have boy shorts completely made of lace. These are just the basic fabrics and fits, so do not throw a sissy fit if I left any out. Speaking of fit...

Sissy Fit

How well your panties fit is the MOST important part of your panties. Sissies and crossdressers listen up! Smaller is NOT better! By choosing the correct size you will get the most out of your panties by not only comfort, but sexiness as well. Bulges do not look good on sissies anymore than they do on women.

So, go shopping and keep all that you learned in mind when planning your panty wardrobe for the next week!

To discuss sissy panties on the phone with Ms Bailey or one of our other Sissy Mistresses, call 800-3566169

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