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Hello darling! Aren't you a sweetie. I know the thought that is currently running through your head is "God she is hot and why does she want to talk to me?" Well, my lovely, I can see right through to who you really are, the cute girl that is begging for attention. I know you want to talk all about those cute panties that you have stashed away. It's ok. I understand that you have to be careful no one knows your little secret. You can share it with me and all of your other ones too.

Come listen to my soft sweet voice tell you how to put on those panties and admire how pretty you look. We can share our love of pretty panties and silk nylons. If you need help to really embrace your true sissy girl I would love to help you with that. Come and let me show you just how to pick the perfect pair of panties, the prettiest lipstick too.

Together we can bring your sissy girl front and center and make you feel and look oh so pretty. I know, after a hard day of suits and ties, all you want to do is strip down and slide open that secret drawer that only you and I know about and run your fingertips across the soft, perfect fabric of those panties. You love holding them in between your fingers before you stand in front of that mirror and slide those panties up over your hips. You can hear the sound of my pretty voice telling you how much you need to embrace your inner sissy.