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Look at you, so pretty in those pink satin panties with ruffles. I bet you didn't think I knew about your little interest in my panty drawer. I could tell you've been playing with my most intimate apparel by the way they fit when I put them on. I think it's funny how you thought you could come in and try on my things, like Goldie Locks, and me not notice. Silly girl, they might have fit you just right, but Mama Bear can tell when someone has been playing where they shouldn't be playing.

It's alright sissy, we can go shopping and get you your own toys to play with. I would love to help a sissy like yourself dress and make you as pretty as can be. You would have a friend to share beauty tips with and someone to tutor you on how to be the most girly of girls. No one has to know, it could be our little secret. We could dress you in secret, exciting ways that no one would imagine, and no one would know, only us. We could talk about what it's like to be amongst your female colleagues while you're wearing something intimate and sexy, under the confines of your business suit during meetings.

Could you imagine how hard it would be to maintain eye contact while you've got something so sensual rubbing against your skin? Especially when freshly shaved, like a real woman. We could do all that and so much more, all you need do is call and we can play your way, my way. Cum on, you know you want to.