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For years, you have been doing it... secretly wearing those panties under your Armani suit.Today you did a lousy job of hiding it. I saw the small slip of red lace, exposing your secret to the world! Now, I KNOW your weakness. Every man has at least one secret that he tries to keep from everyone, but now all my office gal pals know your secret too.

It was not a joke that your desk drawer was filled with soft, sexy panties of every type that you could imagine. We want to welcome you to the Sisterhood. All of your panty pleasures can be fulfilled with us!

You need a little tutoring in the ways of everything feminine, and I would love to help you. Schlepping around your condo in ill-fitting heels is NOT sexy!! While you may feel completely emasculated at the moment, you have to check your Alpha male ego at the door to become the sweet, submissive lady you always wanted to be. Being a proper Lady requires an education in manners and servitude.

While I may have contemplated dating you in the past, that all vanished when I saw your sensual surprise. I can only imagine you now, with the last vestiges of your manhood tucked away securely in those pink silky panties.

Don't cry though, Sweetie....You will have more "Girlfriends" than you ever imagined!