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Hello you gorgeous thing you! Are you all dolled up in pink right now? Or are you dying to talk to someone as you get all dressed up? Oh, then you are at the right place girlfriend! I absolutely love to talk to a hot sissy, while she goes through that closet , drawer, or on a shopping trip! How much fun is that?? Having another sexy woman to talk to, get opinions from, and talk all that so fun girl talk.

Maybe you are new to letting yourself give in to those desires to dress up. I will take you under my feminine wing, guiding you to the most fabulous ways to set your inner sissy flying frilly!! From clothes, make-up, jewelry, shoes, nails, perfume, and all things that make you pretty in pink, I'm here for you!

Some sissies are at that point where they feel that...mmm..more intense and ready to play attitude. For sure I'm into it and here for those needs as well. As a cock lover myself, I can appreciate and enjoy where you are coming from. I love some serious "guy talk", and everything slutty! Anything from giving advice on where to start with toys, flirtation advice , sex, you name it. I want to experience it with you. I can be here for you to just vent and tell me whatever it is that is running through your sexy, sex craved mind! I will be your new best friend and teacher in all things sissy! Stay sexy!