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You are wearing those fabulous silk panties again, aren't you?

You secretly desire being stripped down before me; your masculine persona will gently fall away as each article of clothing is removed. I want you to stand in the center of the room, baring only your desires and emotions ... and your silky panties. I adore the way your hard cock swells beneath the lush fabric. Tonight you will be my sissy maid, my sweet little slave girl.

I have saved the perfect uniform for you to wear. Dress slowly as I inspect your movements. Be sure to move with the grace and feminine charm that I expect from my sissies. Start with the black thigh-high sheer pantyhose ... then the garter belt ... the black lace bra ... the waist cincher. Next comes your dress, the conventional French maid outfit, but on you it will be anything but ordinary. The skirt is just short enough so that when your torso bends slightly, I will catch a brief glimpse of those lovely panties. And of course, the transformation is not complete until we add accessories ... black pumps, a string of pearls around your neck.

Tonight I seek your service. On your knees, my pretty sissy boi. I want you to scour and polish my domain until it sparkles like a palace suitable for a Goddess such as me. If I am pleased with your efforts, you may be rewarded with the supreme privilege of polishing my boots or cleaning my collection of implements. And once your body aches with the toil of servitude, and your soul swells with the pride of service, I will call you to my side. Only then will you feel the softness of my touch, and delight in the sensation that comes from pleasing your Mistress.