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Wait a minute, I know you. Didn't I see you at the mall the other day? Yes, I know I did. You were that guy in the perfume department, the one I overheard telling the sales clerk that you were looking to buy a new sensuous, decadent perfume for your girlfriend. No real man says the words "sensuous" and "decadent" when he describes anything. No, you were buying perfume for yourself, weren't you? In fact, I remember seeing you later in the ladies lingerie department. You almost had to wipe the drool from your lips when you saw those French-cut silk panties they just got in.

I have to admit, they are beautiful, aren't they? I enjoyed watching you have a private moment, taking the panties and hastily glancing around to be sure no one was watching while you held them to your cheek. You looked so nervous... but you did it, you bought a pair. I hope you got the right size. Are you wearing them right now? Oh, did you think I didn't know they were for you? Don't be silly, you have sissy written all over you.

Come here, closer... closer. Oh yes, you do smell sensuous and decadent. I can turn you into the woman you've always dreamed of becoming. I know what you desire. I know your fantasies and your dreams. Let's talk about it, hmmmm?