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Is it a dirty little secret or are you loud and proud with your femininity? With your need to be a sissy? Either way, we can play privately and I'll keep your secret... or we can create fantasies where I share you with my girlfriends or even men.

I adore guys who thrive on the sensuality of their feminine side, who long to be the beautiful woman who lives somewhere deep inside. But I also can't get enough of those of you who want to be a slutty girl, who live to be feminine as a means of becoming being used a plaything for their Mistress and possibly real men. I will help you find your feminine side and nurture it to full potential.

And do you want to go out and experience your desires in the real world, or would you prefer to keep them strictly as fantasies? Either way, Ms. Christine knows how to develop your desires and you might find that I will enjoy them as much as you do!

I can't wait to teach you how to dress, apply make-up, do your hair, nails, and toes, and even how to pick-up a man. I can be encouraging and I also enjoy humiliating some of you as you go forward with your girlie fantasies, perhaps, in spite of your better judgment.

So, whatever your true desire is, I will find it and I will exploit it. I will help you see it to fruition and I will leaving you wanting more...wanting it again and again!