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So, pet, you want to be a girl . . . a woman? Do you think simply pulling on a pair of pink panties and speaking with a high-pitched lisp is going to be enough? Oh, you have so very much to learn, dear! It's not just in the clothes and make up. It's your attitude, it's how you carry yourself.

My goodness, you do have so much to learn! We can start with the basics of grooming, and determining your personal style. We will take shopping trips together, and you will have lessons in applying make-up. I am so looking forward to taking you from slightly fuzzy rough male to soft and silky smooth sissy. I enjoy teaching, and creating, and helping you fulfill your girlish dreams and desires is going to be such a delight. If the journey is one you have already begun, we can go over what you have learned so far, and discuss how far you are going to go.

Ideally you will be wearing that bra and panties along with those thigh highs right underneath that gray pin-striped suit of yours. You know you have thought of it, wondered about it, fantasized about it. We are going to make those dreams a reality, pet. You will become the woman you were meant to be, and know that wearing mens clothing is only a temporary cover up as you earn the money that allows you to be who you truly are. Gather your supplies together, get ready to make a shopping list, and come on and lets get started!