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Miss Vivian Sissy Lover Class is in session!

Miss Vivian is taking on new sissy students to learn the gentle art of feminization. Fashion with flair and fun can be yours as we weed out your stale wardrobe and freshen your style for the holidays.

Let's put our heads together and find that perfect wig and make-up to make you the girlie you long to be. You need guidance from a woman who has decades of experience enhancing "the girlie". Let Ms Vivian apply all of that experience to bring out the girlie in you.

Tired of sounding like a baritone, when you feel like a soprano? Miss Vivian will guide you to a more feminine voice and posture. Sounding girlie is one of the first steps to being girlie.

And how about those girlie fantasies of yours? Oh you know the ones I am talking about...shhhh, don't worry. We'll keep those fantasies between us. But you DO need to share them with someone! And Miss Vivian is the perfect partner for sissy fantasy exploration. I know ALL about those secret fantasies you keep inside. And I will provide an open, understanding ear for you to share all your girlie secrets.

Let's take a trip together through the fantasy world where you are ALL WOMAN where you hold the attention of men and women everywhere with your devastating sexiness...yes, I know you know what I am talking about! Hurry up, let's get ourselves to that sexy world and get you gorgeous and flirtatious and all sexed up.

So take a seat at the front of the class and let's get to work on you, shall we? We'll have you blooming into the beautiful sissy girl you are inside, in no time at all, sweetie.